Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MUET: Malaysian University English Test

MUET comprises four papers. Candidates are required to sit for all the four papers.
Details of the four components are as follows.

Paper 1: Listening (30 minutes)
Candidates will be required to listen to recorded texts twice and answer questions on them.

There is a total of 20 questions consisting of information transfer, short-answer questions, 3-option multiple-choice questions and 4-option multiple-choice questions.

Paper 2: Speaking (30 minutes)

Candidates will be required to perform two tasks: individual presentation and group interaction.
For the individual presentation, candidates will be given 2 minutes to prepare for the given task and 2 minutes to present. Candidates will also listen to the other candidates while they are making their presentations and take down notes for the group interaction.

For the group interaction (4 to a group), candidates will be given 2 minutes to prepare points to support or oppose the other candidates’ views. After listening to everyone in the group, candidates will try to come to a consensus. The group will be given 10 minutes for the group interaction.

Paper 3: Reading (90 minutes)
This paper comprises 45 multiple-choice questions based on passages from texts which may be taken from journals, newspapers, magazines, and academic and electronic sources. Questions are in the form of 3-option multiple-choice and 4-option multiple-choice questions.

Paper 4: Writing (90 minutes)
This paper comprises two writing tasks: transferring information from a non-linear source to a linear text and a piece of extended writing. The stimulus may take the form of linear and/or non-linear texts.

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aienakechiq said...

i will seat for muet test on this apr..threfore i was a bit worry on listening test..because i've experience a listening test for my japan language..what happened is i was too nervous and not focus on the tape..and i did a wrong plan to answer the question..may i have any tips from u to helpme on this test??

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