Friday, August 14, 2009

Air Expressions

WHEN you can speak eloquently you will be walking on air. Here are some ‘air’ expressions to boost your confidence. Fill in the blanks with the right expression.

1. We need to _______ and settle the problem about our inheritance.

A. clear the air B. charge the air

C. cleanse the air D. fill the air

2. There was great excitement ________ on her wedding day.

A. on the air B. in the air C. off the air

D. up in the air

3. ‘Sesame Street’ is _______ now so call the children.

A. in the air B. on the air C. off the air

D. into the air

4. Our trip to Japan is _______ as our leave has not been approved.

A. on the air B. off the air

C. up in the air D. out of thin air

5. ______diseases spread easily in crowded places.

A. Air flow B. Airspace C. Airborne

D. Airspeed

6. In remote areas there is a regular _______of supplies.

A. air drop B. airdrome C. airfare

D. airflow

7. The injured were ________ to a nearby hospital.

A. air locked B. airmailed C. airlifted

D. airbrushed

8. After too much heavy drinking, some of the passengers displayed _______.

A. airlock B. airplay C. air rage

D. air raid

9. A Korean plane was shot down because it flew into Russian ________.

A. airlift B. airspace C. airflow

D. airway

10. John is ________ having obtained straight As in his SPM examination.

A. floating on air B. swimming on air

C. flying on air D. dancing on air

11. We landed on an ________ with the sea on both sides.

A. airport B. airdrop C. airstrip

D. air terminal

12. Faisal has an _______ alibi, so he is not afraid to go to court.

A. air power B. airlock C. airtime

D. airtight

Answers: 1.A, 2.B, 3.B, 4.C, 5.C, 6.A, 7.C, 8.C, 9.B, 10.A, 11.C and 12.D


syazfir said...

i got 9 out of 12, the 10th question is funny, i answered dancing on air :D

kueh bakar said...

masuk sini dari blog k.e.r.i

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