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MUET: Malaysian University English Test

From my trackker I can see many of you got here by searching 'MUET'. Therefore, here is more info about MUET. I will keep on making more entries about MUET, from time to time.

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In the Malaysian education system, English has always played an important role. The Malaysian University English Test (MUET) serves to give continued emphasis on this role.
The objective of MUET is to measure the English language proficiency of pre-university students for entry into tertiary education. MUET comprises all the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It measures and reports candidates’ level of proficiency based upon an aggregated score range of zero to 300. The scores correlate with a banding system ranging from Band 1 to Band 6. A results slip is issued to every candidate who completes all four components of the test.


1 Test Dates

1.1 MUET is administered twice a year, i.e. at mid-year and year-end.

1.2 The tests for Listening, Reading and Writing are administered on a specific day while the tests for Speaking are administered over a period of two weeks.

1.3 Candidates will be informed of their specific test dates through the respective State Education Departments.

2 Test Centres

Test centres for candidates will be determined by the respective State Education Departments based on candidates’ choice of town in which they wish to take the test.

3 Registration

3.1 Candidates from public and private schools/institutions will register for MUET through their respective schools/institutions.

3.2 Private individual candidates will register for MUET at the Education Department of the state in which the candidates wish to sit for the test.

3.3 Dates for registration will be announced by the Malaysian Examinations Council in local newspapers in January and May.

3.4 It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that their particulars are entered correctly on the registration form.

3.5 The registration forms and relevant fees payable in money order must be submitted to the respective State Education Departments.

3.6 Money orders are to be made payable to Ketua Eksekutif Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia.

3.7 Candidates can check their status of registration through the Malaysian Examinations Council website ( and via SMS.

Test Fees

The test fee is RM60.00 consisting of the registration fee of RM20.00 and a subject fee of RM40.00.

5 Change of Test Centres

5.1 Candidates who wish to change their test centre must apply through their respective State Education Departments not later than two months before the test date.

5.2 An administrative fee of RM25.00 will be levied for this purpose.

6 Withdrawal from Test

Fees of candidates who withdraw from the test will not be refunded. However, a refund of RM40.00 will be given in the following cases:
(a) a candidate suffering from a long-term illness
(A copy of the medical certificate from a Government Medical Officer must be forwarded.)
(b) a candidate who has passed away
(A copy of the death certificate must be forwarded by the next of kin or a representative.)

7 Deferment of Test

7.1 Candidates who wish to defer the test must write in to seek permission from the Malaysian Examinations Council stating reasons supported with evidence before the date of the test.

7.2 Approval to defer the test is at the discretion of the Malaysian Examinations Council.

8 Contagious Diseases

Candidates who suffer from contagious diseases are normally not permitted to sit for the test. If allowed, the candidate will be seated in a separate room.

9 Arrangements for Specific Needs

9.1 Applications for specific arrangements are allowed for
(a) candidates adversely affected by illness or other misfortunes,
(b) candidates with special needs.

9.2 Applications must be made on special forms provided by the Malaysian Examinations Council.

9.3 The Malaysian Examinations Council will not consider cases which are not reported prior to the test.

10 Materials provided by Candidates

10.1 Candidates are required to write their answers using a pen or ball-point pen in black or blue ink, except for multiple-choice tests in which only BB or 2B pencils are to be used.

10.2 Candidates must bring their own pencils, erasers and other equipment.

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I was searching for an article entitles "How well do commonly used language instruments measure English oral proficiency?" when the web browser 'hits' your informative blog.

I am finding instruments that can measure ESL learners in their oral skill. Perhaps the marking scheme in MUET's speaking skill can be one of the examples of how to measure their skills. But it is rather good if I can have instruments that are already tested, by research I mean, in assessing ESL learners' oral skill. Do you come across any of the instrument that perhaps can be share? I need to use the instrument for my research. Thank you...

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