Thursday, August 06, 2009

Another Message From Marianna Pascal

Few months ago... the author of the book from my previous entry, visited this blog for the first time... and today... another visit... and she left this in my comment box...

Marianna has left a new comment on your post "Owhhh... I See Your Point...":

Hello again Misz_A,

I am the author of English Fast & Easy. I will be giving a talk at KLCC Convention Centre for the Popular Book Fair on the following dates:

Sat., Aug 22 5-6pm Main Stage
Sun., Aug 23 12-1pm Reading Room
Sat., Aug 29 3-4pm Reading Room

I will be introducing my new book English Fast & Easy for Students (Level 1)

I created this book to help kindergarten and primary 1 and 2 students SPEAK English, (instead of learning through worksheets.) I'm very excited about it because it involves reading, listening to a CD and using flashcards to tell a story. And it really works.

I would enjoy meeting you and hope that you ad your friends can attend. If you know people with small children, they may find it very useful. I promised you a copy of this book and hope to give it to you in person.

Warm regards


Fadhlah said...

dah pollloowwww

Beautiful^Devil said...

wahhh... beh2.. wat english trip g sane beh ni.. hehe...

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