Tuesday, February 19, 2008

KPTM Kuantan: Staff Annual Dinner

All photos are courtesy of Ariff Firdaus

It was held at Hotel Grand Continental, Kuantan.

We (the committee) were busy with guest registration. From left: Ms. Yanie, Ms. A and Mdm Hamidah

The arrival of the ever glamourous Mdm. Siti Zaleha

Arriving cheerfully... Ms. Nani, Ms. Yaya, Mdm Hasni n Ms. Elly

Errkk... 'Wanita UMNO'?? hehehe... Mdm. Rahayu, Ms. Zetti n Ms. Tini

The VIP - Director of Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Kuantan - Mr. Ismail B. Hj. Junuh

Mr. Bad - the most popular lecturer at KPTM Kuantan????? erkk... No comment...

Arriving in black suit - the ever energetic Mr. Rahman

Arriving in green baju kurung... eh..wait... GREEN?? The theme for tonight's dinner is RED,BLACK,WHITE .... hehehe... Mdm Hjh. Mahani was in a hot seat that nite.. (the center of emcee's joke)

Let's take a peek inside the hall

Meanwhile... outside...more guests arriving...

Special Guest - Hj. Zulkifli

Speacil Guest - Mr. Hamidon

Special Guest - Mr. Engku Yaakub

Let's go back to see what's happening inside...'s not the 'Wakil Rakyat' .. hehe... This is Mdm Maslina Mansur THE Emcee!! A very entertaining one!! We laughed uncontrollably... listening to her very spontaneous jokes!!! Bravo Mdm Maslina!!

Fast forward to the 'makan-makan' part ...

Another best part.... It's LUCKY DRAW TIME!!

Mr. Mohd Zaidi Zakaria - making a debut appearance - he just got transferred to KPTM Kuantan

Mdm Khalijah - the biggest winner for the night -

To be continued....

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