Sunday, August 30, 2009

MUET Exercises

Muet Moments



Information transfer from graphic representation to text

Study and understand the graphic representation to know the general idea. You can ask questions like, such as “What is the main subject?” and “What is documented along the X/Y axis?”

You can also look for extreme points of data, for example, the highest, the lowest, the greatest or the smallest.
Remember to look for details along the vertical axis or the horizontal axis. You can also obtain information from the title, source, legend and scale.


Study the chart below and fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

In a survey on students’ (1)_____________ for lunches served at Silver Springs Primary School, it was found that (2)__________ types of lunches were served on 1 June 2009. A total of 121 students (3)__________ in this survey. Out of these lunches, the most (4)_________ was Turkey Tetrazzini and the (5)___________ popular was tomato soup and grilled cheese.
37 Thirty seven students preferred eating pizza and this (6)________ 30.5 per cent of the number of students who participated in the survey. Being a primary school, all the students were probably (7)__________ 13 years old.

Taken from NST

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