Monday, August 24, 2009

Got Fired Because of Facebook!

8% of US companies fired employees because of Facebook

A few days ago I was informing you about studies that revealed that Facebook is a productivity killer. It seems that this has been closely monitored by many managers lately, because now it’s time for another study to show that Facebook is also a reason for firing employees. There is no wonder, since numbers shown that 87% of employees using the social networking site at work couldn’t define a clear business reason for using it.

Proofpoint Survey says that 17 percent of companies have issues with employee’s use of social media. Furthermore, 8% of companies reported that they have dismissed employees because of their behavior on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. An alarming thing is that the number of such violations has doubled since 2008 when it was only 4%.

A perfect, and already common, example for this is an exchange between an employee that makes foolish remarks about their boss on Facebook.

So, as a short conclusion, it would be a wise idea to watch your mouth on social networking sites too just like in real life.

The study also talks about the increased concern about a growing number of data leaks within US companies.

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