Friday, December 19, 2008

Phrasal Verb

Most of the time, I found my students having difficulties understanding a text due to the phrasal verbs used in the text.

So... hope this will help...
What is phrasal verb?

It's a verb + a particle (preposition or adverb) that changes the meaning to make a new verb.

defination from: phrasal verb demon

Here is a list of common phrasal verb;

Calm down.- Relax: Don't get so angry! Just calm down.

Carry out.- Do a task: According to a survey carried out in 1999 one in five Britons are now opting for alternative medicine.

Catch up.- Reach somebody or reach certain level: She tried to catch up with the other competitors, but they were just too fast.

Check in.- Report that you have arrived at a hotel or airport: We checked into the hotel a little after midnight.

Now you get the idea?

Here is more...

Give away.- Give something for free: I had a lot of books I didn't want to keep so I gave them away to a friend.

Look after.- Take care: She's looking after the child.

Give up.- Stop trying to do something or stop using something: Eating healthfully does not mean you have to give up everything that you enjoy

You might think that a dictionary would solve this problem, well.. not actually.. Only a few dictionaries would give you meanings for phrasal verb... so... you might opt for this

An example of phrasal verb in a dialogue...

The old doctor
An old doctor in a small town finally took a vacation. He asked his daughter, who had just graduated from medical school, to sit in for him.
When he returned home from his vacation, he asked her if anything unusual had happened.
“I cured Mrs Nathan’s chronic indigestion,” she boasted.
He blew up. “My dear, that indigestion put you through secondary school and university!”

Sit in for: To temporarily perform the duties of.

Blow up: To lose one’s temper.

Put someone through: To pay for one’s child to attend school, college or university

p/s: Did you get the joke??? :)

That's all for now...
More of phrasal verb n its meaning... from time to time...


Neeza Shahril said...

tapi dia dah grad kan.. so, takpelah.. unless dia nak further for Specialist.. then kena cari another patient lah kot.. Mr Nathans may be.. ;)

susah jugak phrasal verb ni kalau kita tak biasa speak english.. the moral of the story is.. kena selalu read english newspapers, storybooks, articles etc.. :D

ada model tu.. look after the baby.. dah besar dah anak Razmi and Ayu.. :))

l i e y n said...

entry ni di tulis masa dlm bus on the way to PD ke?
bagusle cikgu english ni...

Intan Noorazlina said...

macam kenal je model ibu tu... hehehe

dagislamu said...

1. such word, i reckon it is "definition

2. check in, but e.g. is checked into (similar a student, i can get confused)

3. here is more ... (seems there are more than one..why not here are more pharasal verbs..)
4. More of phrasal verb n its meaning...maybe phrasal verbs and their meanings

your ex...

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