Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How To Delete A Friendster Friend?

This is something I copy&paste from , thought it might be useful...

If you no longer want to see a friend on Friendster for any reasons (perverts, quarrel with friends, etc), it is easy to delete him/her from your Friendster friend list.

Login your Frindster home page.

Click “View All” at the upper right hand side (next to “My Friends”).

List of your friends will be loaded. Find your friend ex-friend.

Click on the X button in your ex-friend’s box.

Click “Yes” to confirm delete the friend.

Done. No more friend!

That’s easy! So far there is no way to do “batch friends delete” on Friendster yet.


Neeza Shahril said...

thanks! I've been asking this question and tried to find help from Frenster help but unsuccessful... ada friends yang uninvited.. nak gi delete laaa.. :)

lifechanging said...

tq so much...youreally help me..huhu

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