Monday, December 22, 2008

KPTM Staff Day 2008: Malam Gala Flora

The ever cheerful Ms Yanie n Ms Yaya

Red Carpet moment... Ms Elly... thanx again for the photos!! (Most of the photos here are from her camera)

Hi KPTM Kuantan...remember me?? - Special pose from Mr. Islah

Can you spot our Director?

My table; I'm the only one from KPTM Kuantan. The idea is for us to get to know each other. The girl on the right won 2nd place for Best Dress (the theme is floral;hence the big sunflowers)

Visiting other table...

Special performance from Dato' Dr. Razali Agus. He serenade us with 2 songs.

the table behind me... the guy with the hat won the 1st place for Best Dress (male)

KPTM Kemumin performing Chicken Dance. The lady in green with flowers all over her won 1st place for Best Dress (female) and the 3rd place goes to the one in black pants with hat (far right) this lady did not win the Best Dress! hehee.... She is accepting the prize for Best Performance!!! Congratss!!

more photos from Mr. Abd. Rahman DSLR's will be uploaded soon at

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zahryanie said...

wahaha..awatnya gmbq yanie tu ada radio kolej tuh??

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