Friday, December 19, 2008

Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson

I'm going to PD today... wouuuhuuu....!!

This would be my third time going there since December last year!

That's the place (Glory Beach Resort) for our (KPTM) Staff Day. This would be the first, and I am really excited to be there. I just can't wait to see a special performance from KPTM Kuantan. It's going to be a traditional dance routine by... surprise...surprise... our multi-talented female lecturers, 8 of them, new n not so new lecturers led by Mdm Asz (also the choreographer). The other thing that make it more special to me is because they are using the song - "Menghilir Di Sungai Pahang" by Roslan Madun as the background music and that of course brought back fond memories of MINJAROES 2006!

Enough of that.... here is a short history of Port Dickson I got from


This small town used to produce charcoal, but it was later developed as a small port by the British during the Strait Settlement period. Port Dickson was also known as Tanjung. In Malay language that means "cape". The oldest shophouses were the four situated presently at Jalan Lama. There was also a carbon mine at the first mile of the coast road (Jalan Pantai), and therefore Port Dickson was also called "Arang" (charcoal) in the Malay language.

Tin ore was plentiful in Lukut, an area within the Port Dickson district, during the 1820's, and it attracted Chinese immigrant miners. The British considered the area to have great potential as a harbour. It was intended to supersede the port in Pengkalan Kempas. The in-charge officer's name was Dickson, and thereafter the town was named Port Dickson. Others claim that Sir John Frederick Dickson founded Port Dickson and Pulau Arang in 1889.

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jangan lupe naik banana boat dekat

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