Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanx God I Found This... or Rather It Found Me... ?

The Law of Attraction is again proven (with His will of course). I've found the answer for questions that left me restless while reading The Secret.
The book (above) satiate me from having conflicting thoughts about the teaching from The Secret and my belief.
To Lieyn ; I'll give you the book once I'm ready to let it go.... hehe... (still reading it actually)
To Yanie ; Thanx for selecting the book during the book fair... did you get the NEW EARTH too?
To Mr. K ; yes... you are indeed correct... there is nothing to be afraid of (re:reading The Secret)and drop by again... your extra thought is fine by me... hahaa...

1 comment:

Zaidon said...

Salam.. macam best je buku ni :)

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