Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MUET Speaking

Taken from:

MUET 2008 Speaking/Writing Topics
Well, her is list out some MUET topics that probably will come out in MUET 2008.
Not 100% and it is very general, please go and find some info about this la.

- Parent-child relationship
- Friendship
- Child abuse

Social Ills:
- Bullying in school / gangsterism (more)
- Teenage pregnancies
- Smoking among teenagers
- Dieting/unhealthy eating habits/disorder

Environmental issues:
- pollution
- conservation of energy
- global warming
- conservation of wildlife

Advance in tech and science:
- telecommunications
- computers
- microwave (oven)
- transportation

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle:
- balanced diet - food pyramid
- exercise regularily
- maintain ideal weight/avoid obesity
- avoid smoking, drug addition/drinking
- regular medical checkup

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