Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marianna Pascal of English Fast & Easy

I had mixed feelings upon seeing there is a comment from someone by the name of Marianna Pascal in this blog comment box, I was like... uhhh... that's the author of English Fast & Easy !

Then... I got worried (at that time I haven't read the comment yet), I was like... owhhh no... is she mad at me for posting pages of her book calender without her permission.....

but... thanx God... she wrote this instead....

Marianna Pascal has left a new comment on your post "I Want To Discuss About Something":

Hi there, I am Marianna Pascal, author of English Fast & Easy. I stumbled on your site by accident and wanted to say that I am honored that you feature a few pages of the book on your site. I am happy that you find it valuable.I am currently writing a version for Standard 1 and 2 and will be pleased to send you a copy once it's available.

Best regards


She is actually offering me a copy of her latest book?!! Yeahhh.... that is so nice of her....

Thanx Miss Pascal!

Your English Fast & Easy book (I have the calender book) is indeed very useful and my students (my colleagues too) love it too!


noniey alias said...

wah best nyer.. bukan senang tu.. keep in touch ah ngan dia.. hehehehe

zahryanie said...

wah k.anisz..bestnye!!!!

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