Sunday, April 19, 2009

How To Learn English Fast

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Your 7 Free Lessons For Speaking English Fast

Get 7 free lessons that will completely change the way you study English. These lessons will teach you a completely new way to learn English. When you use all 7 of these methods, you improve your speaking very quickly.

I’m A.J. Hoge, Education Director of Effortless English. I have helped thousands of students speak English fluently, and I can help you.

I have developed this free course to teach you proven methods that work.

What Are These Methods?

How To Learn Vocabulary Faster. Learning vocabulary by studying word lists is a very slow method. In the first lesson, I teach you a faster way to learn vocabulary.
What To Avoid. The second lesson teaches you what to avoid. Some old study methods will actually hurt your speaking ability. Don’t use them.

How To Think In English And Avoid Translation. Translating from your language to English is slow. I teach you how to teach yourself to think in English.

How Does This Work? What Do I Get?
7 Powerful New Learning Methods. You will get one lesson each day from me, for 7 days. Each lesson teaches you a new English study method. Together, all 7 lessons give you a completely new way to learn English.

Do I Need To Pay?
No. This is a completely free program. As payment, I ask only that you link to our website and tell other people about our course.

How Do I Join?

Please visit:

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