Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please Forgive Me....

A student : Errmmm... Hi Misz Sensei... can you please help me write a letter of apology?

Misz Sensei: .huhhh?? erkk.. I can't help you write it per say... but I can give you some pointers...

A student: Ooouuhhh... thank you...thank you.. when can I see you?

Misz Sensei: Well... you don't have to.. just visit my blog..

A student: Owhhh

So... to that student... here's for you..

Do you have an apology to make? Have you been late in saying thank you to a gift or invitation? Have you been involved in some kind of misunderstanding that you want to clear up? Has your child misbehaved? Have you damaged someone else's property? Have you been unable to keep an appointment or promise? Have you been rude or insensitive?

Here are some tips on how to write your apology with dignity and sincerity.

Guidelines for writing apologies:

  • Write as soon as possible after the incident. Apologize, but do not go overboard by saying, "I am very, very, very sorry." Keep it simple and to the point. Summarize what you are apologizing for, and apologize only for the particular situation or problem. Be brief. Apologize cheerfully and sincerely. Do not express feelings of guilt.

  • Explain what you will do to correct the mistake or situation. Assure the person that this will not happen again.

  • Do not put blame on another person and do not blame problems on computer errors or carelessness.

  • Thank the person for bringing the problem to your attention if you were unaware of the situation.

  • Reread the letter to check your grammar, spelling and tone.

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