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College Life

The contest that can win you RM10,000 in scholarships!

Take a second out of your day today. Metaphorically ‘put your ear to the ground’. What’s the buzz? What have people been talking about recently? Heard of the acronym CLIOD, or College Life In One Day? Well if you haven’t, you’re missing out on something real big!

Well in the (unlikely) event that you have no clue about what this is, let me give you the ‘skinny’. College Life In One Day is the brainchild of Taylor’s University College. It’s an innovative tool created to ease, inspire and educate high school students on the wonders and mysteries of college life. I know what you’re thinking. “This sounds like I have to make a trip all the way there to have some counselor-dude talking to me about how wonderful life is in Taylor’s!” Well you’re dead wrong my friend. CLIOD was created for students, by students. What you get is the most ‘REAL’ depiction of what college life is all about.

If you have been following this column, you would already be aware of what CLIOD aims to bring to the masses of Form 5 & Form 6 students out there. In case you’ve been out of the loop, the message is that college life does not only involve studies. ‘All work and no play’, has never been emphasized as a good thing. To bring this message across, Taylor’s gathered various students from their different departments to be filmed throughout the day. I am not just talking about just during college hours and in between lectures, I am talking about from the moment they wake up to the time they ‘hit the sack’! From their journey to college, to their ‘mamak’ stall sessions there is true insight on what these guys and girls are up to.

Another thing that makes this program unique is that, you don’t have to go any further than the comfort of your very own room.
Submit a video of you and/or your friend that is fun, funny and educational.
Eg, how to make a nutritious breakfast in five minutes, or how to eat and not smear your lipstick.
Bonus points given for having one or all of the following:-A Creative title in no more than 5 words.

AND/OR- Video has a meaningful story.

Category 1 (individual)
Grand Prize - Scholarship of RM 10,000 from Taylor's.(1 scholarship only)
to any of the following "3+0" or "4+0" programmes in Taylor's :- Architecture;- Business;- Communication;- Computing or - Hospitality & Tourism
1st Prize - Nokia Phone
Category 2 (group - Maximum of 4 participants)
Grand Prize - Scholarship of up to RM40,000 from Taylor's.(up to max of 4 X RM10,000 scholarship)
to any of the following "3+0" or "4+0" programmes in Taylor's :- Architecture;- Business;- Communication;- Computing or - Hospitality & Tourism
1st Prize - Nokia Phone

Video criteria:

1. Length - Max of 5 mins video
2. Size - to fit YouTube site
3. Video must be original
4. Creative title (max of 5 words)
How to Submit Video:
1. Upload your video to YouTube (
2. Get the URL for your video page in YouTube.
3. Choose your category (individual or group) to login with your MyStar account.
4. Fill in the contest form and submit online.

Terms & Conditions

1. The competition is open to Malaysian students aged 16 - 18.
2. Each student is eligible for 1 scholarship worth RM10,000 only.
3. Judging criteria is based on most creative video depicting a special talent.
4. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
5. For winning entry submitted by a team, each team member will receive scholarship worth a value of RM10,000, up to a total of 4 students, not exceeding the maximum value of RM40,000.
6. The winner/winners is/are given an option to utilize their scholarship from the following "3+0" or "4+0"programmes in Taylor's : Architecture, Business, Communication, Computing or
Hospitality & Tourism.

7. The winner/winners is/are allowed to choose the programmes offered but limited to a maximum of 2 students in each programme.
8. The scholarship is valid for 2 years (2009 and 2010 intakes)
9. Upon commissioning of the scholarship, the value will be distributed equally against the years of study (valid within a period of 3 years)
10. Students are only eligible for one scholarship during their duration of studies at Taylor's. In the event there is more than one scholarship being offered from Taylor's, the winner/winners can only receive one scholarship which is of higher value. No compounding of scholarships are allowed.
11. The scholarship is only valid for studies at Taylor's campuses.
12. The scholarship is applicable for studies at Taylor's University College/Taylor's College in Malaysia only and is not applicable for period of study at overseas partner universities.
13. The scholarship is not transferable nor exchangeable for cash.
14. Students are required to pay all fees due (after deduction) upon registration, failing which the scholarship will be considered null & void.
15. Applicability of scholarship is subject to the winner/winners meeting the minimum entry requirement of the respective programmes.
16. The contest period starts on 24.12.2008 and ends on 30.4.2009.

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