Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Letter of Congratulations

Erkkk... I am so out of ideas... suggestions please......

In the meantime... this will do... hikss
Do you want to congratulate someone on their anniversary, birthday, wedding, promotion, or graduation? Has your friend successfully handled a new change or reached a personal achievement?

Below you will find information that will help you write a wonderful and memorable letter of congratulations.

Guidelines for writing congratulations:

  • Say your best wishes early in the message and again when you close. Make sure you mention the occasion that is being celebrated. Do not add other news or information in the message, with the exception of birthday cards. Express how happy you are for the person and how you learned about the delightful news.
  • Avoid going overboard on flattery.
  • Be positive and pleasant. If you have an objection about an event, do not include that in your message, or do not write a letter at all.

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