Friday, March 06, 2009

Lamb vs Mutton ?

Happy Friday people!!

It's such a beautiful Friday today..simply because I am on leave!! (again....? well why not?? ) for today's first entry (usually I'll set my first entry for the day at 8am every morning) , I'm still going to talk (write) about ANIMALS.... hehe... if yesterday it was cow, today it's all about SHEEP!

A Flock of Domestic Sheep

What do we call meat of domestic sheep??

Lamb, hogget, and mutton are the meat of domestic sheep. The meat of an animal in its first year is lamb; that of an older sheep is hogget and later mutton.


uuuuuuuhhh.... so tempting..... yummeehhhh

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Neeza Shahril said...

ye ke? ingatkan mutton is for kambing kampung tu.. lamb for sheep.. saya silap la all these while...

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