Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Birthdays

I'm at my parents' home at the moment.. been back here since Saturday. Earlier tonight the family celebrated my counsins' birthday.

'Alyaa' 's cake - simple sponge cake

Aida's - Oreo Cheese Cake

Happy Birthday to Aida - 31/08/08. She was born 11 years ago in Bangkok while her father was working there at the Malaysian Embassy. Her ambition is to be a top model! She wore a crown n a nice gown for this party! She loves to pose like models in middle of a photo shoot (even there's no camera around)

The two cakes are gifts from Kak Long Anisz, Pudding from Su (our Aunty), Satay from Cikna (my aunty, mummy of aida n 'alyaa') and my mom made Fried Mee... yummmyyy...

Also to 'Alyaa'...

Happy Belated 9th Birthday to 'Alyaa' (yess that's her correct spelling with apostrophe). She's very good in English, I monitored her homework the other day, she managed to give all correct answers! Well done 'Alyaa'!

On other note...
Happy Celebrating 51st Merdaka Day!


l i e y n said...

cikgu english...byk typo le...heheheh

misz_A said...

erkkk?? where got???

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