Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KPTM Kuantan : Bridge Competition 2008

Earlier today, I attended Bridge Competition Opening n Prize Giving Ceremony. This event is organized by KPTM Kuantan - Civil Engineering Club.

As usual.. let's have the pictures do the talking...

Let start off with this photo... especially dedicated for our Deputy Director of Services - Mr. Mohd Zaidi B. Zakaria. I found out from Mdm Hidayah that Mr Zaidi specifically asked her for url of this blog; to see his photo that I took. (he's now one of my readers..huhu...yey..erkk..but..wait..oh noo... :p)

If I'm not mistaken... this bridge got the 2nd place rite?

One of my favourites...

I like the colorful backdrop..

Noticed the new rostrum? Nice ah...

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