Saturday, August 30, 2008

English 101 : Q & A

Is this correct: “Me and my friends ...”

“Me and my friends” can be used informally, but in formal speech or writing, you should say/write “My friends and I” if the phrase is the subject of a sentence, and “my friends and me” if it is the object of a sentence. You could, for example, say the following to your class teacher:
“My friends and I would like your permission to leave the class for a while.”

“Please excuse my friends and me for being late this morning. Our school bus broke down.”
In formal English, you always put yourself last when referring to yourself and another person or other people. For example, we say “my sister, my brother and I/me”, “my parents and I/me”, etc.
Taken from: The Star, Mind Our English, 31 July 2008.

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Neeza Shahril said...

I remember this one.. since I was corrected by my lecturer many times before ;)

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