Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recycling Center

I'm going green today... gonna do my part in making our mother earth happy....


I brought home 2 full loads of this from college co-op

so earlier today... with my trusted batmobile (hiksss) I went to the recycling center, very near to my house... the place is... Kuantan Recycle Sdn. Bhd.

the weight in - 1 220 kg, weight out - 1 170 (after they took out the boxes from the car)

this place is huge!! This photo only shown the paper section... wayyyy back is the metal, plastics and glass sections.

Newspapers can take 5 years to decompose.

What do you think: is newspaper worth recycling?

the worker there taking out full load of boxes from my car.

These boxes will be repulped n molded into egg cartons, fruit trays or even construction material; wallboard, flooring, padding etc....

RM12 for 50kg of papers. Thank you Kuantan Recycle Sdn. Bhd. !!

Do you know???

It takes 20 years for a plastic bag to decompose and 250 years for a plastic cup to decompose.

It takes 500 years for an aluminum can to decompose.

So...come your part! Recycle your waste...

Kuantan Recycle Sdn. Bhd.

PT 13782, Jln Pintasan, Bukit Rangin,

Kuantan Bypass



Neeza Shahril said...

wow!! never know it takes that long.. tapi malasnye nak recycle..
tapi kat sini kita tak recycle pun takpe, sebab ramai pekerja India/bangla yang collect sampah tu akan korek dulu tong sampah cari aluminium, botol and metal of course.. plastic dok la pulokkk..

sampaikan hari tu, my husband tengah minum, India tu datang tunggu sebab dia nakkan tin tu.. hehehe.. sabor je laaaa..

l i e y n said...

bagusnya recycle...aku pernah buat gak...dpt org tu dtg umah...nk recycle lg tp nk tunggu byk lagi brg nak recycle..anis kata nak link...x de pun...

hidayah said...

ni yg nak recycle nih.. (dgn penuh semangat)..hehe..dapat2 nak pindah ni kan.. :P

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