Monday, July 13, 2009



By S.H. LOKE - The Star

Words like chair, table and bench can take on a new meaning when they are used in a different context. Some of the following expressions inject colour into the English language. Complete the sentences with the right answer.

1. The River Nile is considered the ______ of Egyptian civilisation.

2. My neighbours were distressed by the _____death of their baby.

3. We enjoy being _______travellers whenever we watch travel programmes.

4. The______for this case consists of reputable judges.

5. Harry is quite happy to______the meeting at short notice.

6. We rejected the agreement which was______in ambiguous terms.

7. The girl at the information______is friendly and helpful.

8. Nowadays many children are overweight because they are_______potatoes, and rarely exercise.

9. Ryan Lee is popular with the state voters, because he has no skeleton in his _______.

10. _____and breakfast hotels are popular with budget travellers.

11. Her______consists of many smart and well-styled pants.

12. Many drugs can be bought over the __________.

13. Julie is very rich, so life is a_______of roses for her

14. The state government has______its plan to build another flyover.

15. The roast chicken looks appetising when it is served on a______of mixed vegetables.

16.The continental ______around Malaysia is rich in marine life.

17. Our school hockey team turned the _______on our rivals when they decided to play with better strategies.


1. cradle 2. cot 3. armchair 4. bench 5. chair 6. couched 7. desk 8. couch 9. closet 10. Bed 11. wardrobe 12. counter 13. bed 14. shelved 15. bed 16. shelf 17. tables

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