Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Temerloh

Today's agenda...

1 hour and 30mins drive to Temerloh

for an open registration at MARA District Office in Temerloh

Miss Amylia n Miss Mimi chilling out after a long day at work..

thanx God for the free internet access that kept us occupied through out the night...

a mind boggling question... how come that kind of hotel (in the pic above) can provide free internet access, but not most of 5-star hotels ???? hmmmm? I wonder....


Mat Cendana said...

Oh God! You're one person who might be able to help me - or my 18-year-old son actually!

I've been aware of your blogs since some months ago (Plus "Ladies of Zainab"). However, this is my very first visit.

I'm in Pasir Mas, and am also a member of Kelantan Blogger. This Blogger ID is one blog, nonsensical that it may be at times. The other is at (Recovery from Drug Addiction). By coincidence, the last post is about him - the person I care about most in this world.

To cut a long story short: My son was offered a place at KPTM Ipoh (CT104 Multimedia). He was so happy about it, and me too - I tried and tried, and at last I managed to fork out enough money for him to go. He had missed the first intake, but all was okay for the second on July 6.

But something happened to crush him - and me.

He had lost his SPM results, and he disn't have a copy - either with him in Ipoh or here at home. I had spent a few hundreds ringgit for him to report there - transport and hotel... and he couldn't be admitted! Miss/Madam, we aren't rich people - In fact, if you know me, I'm just "trying to get back on the right track".

The 3rd (and last) intake is next week. But he doesn't have the spirit to go to Ipoh again - you just can't imagine the disappointment.

I had asked him a few days ago: Would another place be okay? IT in Kuantan? He's okay with this. FYI I had already paid the RM1,250.

Can he change his course to IT and report at Kuantan next week, please? (H/P: 019-9439088)

l i e y n said...

temerloh rocks!!!!yeah!

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