Monday, July 06, 2009

Best Batik Deal in Kota Bharu

Woww... what a title... haha... well actually, I am just trying to attract more traffics... opss.. huhu

Actually... Just a little recommendation...

ABASK ( - Jalan Mahmod Kota Bharu

a place to shop for your batik.. (no, i don't know the owner of this shop)

Last weekend I went home to Kota Bharu and I had a chance to shop at this very customer friendly store..

the staff there were very helpful n cheerful... Even though it was my first time there..

Nice huh...

I like...


This is Mine said...

chanteknye batik!!!

[mekasih sbb sudi sggh ke blog farah]

kuin said...

kat mana kedai batik ni? leh bagi address x? mcm nak o beli jer heheh

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