Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New Blog?

I am thinking of creating another blog for this blog... erkk? what am I saying? hahah.. well.. the thing is, the blogspot account that I use for this blog has reached its limit for photo uploads!

It's not fun writing entries without putting any photos right... so I think I am gonna create another blog with this blog's url and this blog will have a new url. erkk.. u got what I mean?

It means, this blog will continue to exist, but with a different url, so to all of my readers out there, take note of this change ok...

1 comment:

mr said...

Tidak perlu buat blog baru.Buka satu account file gambar di fileden ke, photobucket ke, ke.Just copy and paste the link properties for that image while still using the this blog.I just give my 2 cent!=)

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