Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Try This

Point of view

By S.H. LOKE from Mind Your Language - The Star

Many different words can be used to describe the way we look at things. Test your vocabulary skills with this exercise.

1. The children______in amazement at the giant ice-cream in the fun-fair.

A. gaped B. glared C. gloated D. peeped

2. The astronomy students____at the twinkling stars in the dark sky.

A. glanced B. gazed C. glared D. glimpsed

3. She _____at her students who were talking during her lesson.

A. peeped B. gloated C. glared D. gaped

4. A winner likes to______ over his success.

A. glare B. glance C. gloat D. gape

5. The opulent palace gives us a________of the rich life-style of the sultan.

A. glimpse B. glare C. gaze D. gloat

6. He_______in bewilderment when he saw some cows trampling on his vegetables.

A. glimpsed B. peeped C. peered D. goggled

7. Dave likes to_______ women who are attractive.

A. gaze B. ogle C. gloat D. peer

8. I took a______into her room out of curio­sity.

A. gape B. peep C. peer D. gaze

9. We have to_______at the exhibits on display under the dim lights of the museum.

A. peep B. glare C. peer D. gloat

10. I saw my sister______her cats basking in the sun.

A. peering B. ogling C. glowering D. observing

11. My uncle is_______with anger because his lap top has been stolen.

A. gloating B. glowering C. glancing D. ogling

12, The bright sunlight made me _______as he took a photo of me.

A. squint B. peer C. glare D. stare

13. I took a quick ________at the car parked outside my house.

A. glare B. stare C. glance D. ogle

14. When people dress bizarrely we always _______at them.

A. gloat B. stare C. squint D. observe

15. Every morning I______through the newspaper before I go to work.

A. gaze B. browse C. gape D.observe

16. I enjoy_______around in bookstores.

A. staring B. glancing C. browsing D. squinting


1. A Gaped 2. B Gazed 3. C Glared 4. C Gloat 5. A Glimpse 6. D Goggled 7. B Ogle 8. B Peep 9. C Peer 10 D. Obser­ving 11. B Glowering 12. A Squint 13. C Glan­ce 14. B Stare 15. B Browse 16. C Browsing

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