Friday, October 16, 2009

Good English Magazine For Students

It's Friday! Yey! (But I still have to come to work on Sunday... pheww..)

Anyway.... when I attended this event, I was seated next to a guy from BERNAMA, upon knowing that I am a sensei teaching English to diploma level students... he had this to ask..

What is the best English Magazine for students?

Reader's Digest of course!

But, for lower level students, to encourage them to read and enjoy what there are reading...

I would like to suggest this magazine....

Lots of interesting articles featured in this magazine.

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Solehah said...

oo thank you..sensei, kelas bahasa ingeris utk org luar ada x? mayb kelas mlm or weekend ka..appriciate if u can give me the info..arigato..

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