Monday, November 17, 2008

MCC Days: Those Were The Days....

I'm in the mood of reminiscing my days as a student at Mara Community College Kuantan (MCC), now known as Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Kuantan (KPTM).

With Shida (a.k.a Ewoks) and Azita

Geology Field Trip 1: Teluk Chempedak

Geology Field Trip 2 : Panching Waterfalls

Survey of 19th n 20th Century American Literature class (I think!), taught by an exchange American Professor from Tri-State University(her name? errkk..sorry.. can't remember..)


Anonymous said...

alaa sweett nyerr,
bestkn bl dpt tgk gmbr2 lama..

misz_A said...

yess... sangat beshh n a bit sad kot... hehe

wasabi said...

now thats nostalgic..

qheiy said...

am also trying to recall the lecturer's name. dia bukan dr indiana state ke? hehe... memory loss... and there was also a student, sama cute mcm the lecturer jugak, kan?

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