Tuesday, November 04, 2008

English Language Preparatory Class

Yesterday I had ELP 1000 class for the last time this semester. Thought of bringing back my old tradition of snapping class photos on the final day of class.

I started taking photos of my students on the final day of class since I started working here, but somehow for the past 2 years it stopped...

Spot the difference.... (clue: left side)

Syida is saying something to the boys... something like this maybe? "Come on guys... let's take a picture with me".... hehehhe...

Syida n the boys. From left; Farhan (Bob), Muhd. Fikri (Mufik), Azzim, Mahzan, Azwan, Helmey n Ruzaini (Jai)

Standing; Adzammia, Azmil, Azzim, Ruzaini, Izman, Fithri, Fikri, Faris n Farhan

Squatting; Hafiz, Azwan, Mahzan n Helmey

Goofing around.... Azwan n Bob

The girls.... from left; Hidayu, Izzati, Amalina, Syida, Husna, Amira, Hidayah n Syikin

wwooppss... there's another student in grey???? hehe...

To all of my ELP 1000 students, I really hope to see you next semester doing your diploma program.... all the best.... God bless...

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