Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something To Ponder

Every man dies, but not every man really lives...

What do you think?


eyena said...

i think.. err.. i think.. nothing!! hehehe

wetfusion said...

that saying is true, you could be a millionaire. but still you might feel your life empty.
but to some man, he live a simple life, but he finds his life full of meaning.

living isn't about how many A's you could get in exam, or how much salary you can get in a month.
it's about how much you can take the pain, and using that pain to propel yourself to be a better person.

such man live their live epic.
but sadly most gurl nowdays dont see that stuff.


i could say myself quite epic, from a kid who sleep on the streets, failed in diploma, almost died trying to kill myself because the pressure, and now becoming a tokey. life seems very meaningful in my eyes now.
becoming a tokey at the age of 23 is something i guess, especially for a malay boy.

misz_A said...

wetfusion... wahhh good for you! live ur life to the fullest ok..

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