Wednesday, November 04, 2009

No Dating!?

Hahaaa... found this while browsing the net... well.. maybe we should impose this law too at our college? What say you?

THE International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has become the first “no dating place” in the country.

A banner has been put up at its Gombak campus to warn the students from dating in the university compound.

The banner reads: “IIUM is an Islamic territory. No dating. Allah is watching us.”

It is placed at a square near some shops and a bank.

A visitor to the campus came across the banner and took a photograph of it.

According to a IIUM undergraduate, the banner was not an initiative by the university authorities.

“It was put up by Maaruf Club in conjunction with the Campus Dakwah Project during Ramadhan,” he said.

The club’s aims, among others, are to encourage students to perform the good, avoid the bad and to monitor the students’ moral conduct.


noniey said...

agree 100%.. hehehe.. memang bagus kalau diimplementkan kat kptm ni..

eyena said...

ha'ah bagus gak tu kan..heee

Solehah said...


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