Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Is A Blog?

In the resent years blogs are becoming more and more popular, company's are writing blogs, famous people are writing blogs, politics of course are writing them, so what are blogs?

There are different kinds of blogs, there are:

Personal Blogs: Personal Blog's are used in different ways. There are personal blogs that are used as a diary, for family photos, personal information, infomration to family & friends, updates about personal events, such as wedding, parties etc.

Travel Blogs: Travel Blogs is a diary about someone's trip, they write entoryes about there trip, they put pictures and photos, and this is a great way to keep in touch with people far away, and let everyone know how your trip is going, what you are doing, where you are staying, without have to write letters to everyone, telling them basicly the same thing, this makes it easy for the traveller and also for the friends & family to keep people closer and more involved as to what is going on? and of course for the travel, it's a great way to keep a diary of your trip.

Bussiness Blogs: is a way for a company to keep in contact with it's client's/custermer's updated and iformed of any new infomation, ideas or company changes that will be takeing place.

Political Blogs: Well I not sure this type of blog is clear from the tittle.

School/Communtiy Blog: This is a really great way for communtiy's and schools to keep in contact with the students, parents, teachers, community with easy & quick updates, which don't cost money as mailing out updates, (mailing - I mean via post office), and of course it save money & paper which is a good thing for the everment. it is also a good way to see what people are thinking & feeling about the updates, since there is a way to leave comments.


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