Saturday, September 05, 2009

Iftar @ De Palma Hotel Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

For the past three days (since Thursday), we (my colleagues and I) had been staying at De Palma Hotel, Ampang for a workshop.

The best thing for having the worshop here at De Palma Hotel is their spread of food for iftar (breaking of fast).

Well.. let's have these photos do the talking (err..typing?)

Rojak Buah

RM58 for adults
RM30 for kids
eat all you want...

1 comment:

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

wah..tak sangka jumpa blog pensyarah alor setar =P

de palma mmg best! everytime puasa mesti ada kambing golek tu.hehe.

sy n lecturer it yg len akan pegi esk (10.09.09) hope dpt mkn cmtu gk ANNDDD shopping! =P

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