Saturday, June 13, 2009

Decent, Righteous, Noble, Forthright.....

A few good men

HERE are some words to describe people of distinction.

1. Decent

A decent man honours his word and holds on to his principles.

2. Respectable

We have elected a respectable man to be the chairperson of our committee.

3. Righteous

A righteous person does something because he knows it is morally right.

4. Noble

John is a noble man who always sacrifices his time to help the sick and needy.

5. Just

He is a just man who respects the wishes of others.

6. Considerate

Amy is a considerate neighbour who always parks properly on the driveway.

7. Humble

The humble manager attributed his success to his dedicated team.

8. Straightforward

Sometimes she offends people because she is straightforward, and speaks her mind.

9. Forthright

He is a forthright leader whose opinions are highly respected.

10. Forbearing

Because of his forbearing nature, Adam smiled and remained calm even though he was unjustly accused.

11. Steadfast

We must remain strong and steadfast when we go through a crisis.

12. Tolerant

A mixed marriage can survive if both parties are tolerant of different cultural beliefs and practices.

13. Resilient

She is a tough and resilient woman because she has endured much suffering.

14. Persevering

A persevering person does not give up easily.

15. Stoical

The stoical writer who survived as a prisoner of war was reduced to half her size.

16. Calm

In any emergency it is important to remain calm and level-headed.


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