Saturday, January 02, 2010

Farah Gets Lost At The Pasar Malam

I came across this book while reading The Star just now.

This is a good English book for children not only for the sake of improving one's English but also for the lesson that could be learned from the story.

i.e what to do when you get lost
how to get help from others

This kind of book is not only for children, I would recommend this type of books to those who wanted to improve their English no matter what age group you are in.

Farah Gets Lost At The Pasar Malam

Author: Shafina Abdul Hamid

Illustrator: Z. Q. Bak

Publisher: Beanstalk Enterprise, 18 pages

IN this book Farah accompanies her parents to the pasar malam. Her mother asks the little girl to stay close but Farah is distracted by some trinkets and wanders off. Presently, she realises that her parents are nowhere to be seen. Farah panics but luckily, a kind stranger turns up to help her. Farah Learns The Joy Of Sharing continues this new series that aims to teach “life lessons” to children. The stories end in lists, instructing children how to behave.

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AJ Nismihan said...

err do they include those reminder how to behave when the interact with stranger. i mean, children now in danger everywhere rite, so they need to know how and when by themselves too :)

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