Tuesday, May 05, 2009

All The Best:! MUET Mid Year - Speaking 2009

Yesterday this blog received 129 hits all due to MUET Speaking which will start later today. From that (referring to keywords that lead them here) I could conclude that many students wait until the last minutes to prepare themselves for MUET Speaking. This is not a good thingh, because for speaking components, an overnight preparation will not get you through the exam successfully.

Well... maybe they were actually looking for possible topics that will come out? Hmmm... maybe..

Anyway.... I wish all of you all the best, don't forget to start with a greeting to the examiners and other candidates!

1 comment:

RachelT said...

Hi,I am a lower 6 student.monday got a MUET speaking pratice test in my class......a bit worried about it,because my english quite poor-.-"

wish me good luck..

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