Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sambir, L'vivs'ka Oblast ????

I spotted something interesting from my feedjit live traffic feed (side bar of this blog). From that traffic feed I saw there was one reader of this blog from Sambir, L'vivs'ka Oblast' !

Click to Enlarge - I'm referring to the visitor with Yellow n Blue flag

Huhhh????? Where in the world is that place??

After some googling work... now I know Sambir, L'vivs'ka Oblast is in Ukraine!!! Wow!!

Sambir is actually a city in the Lviv Oblast , western Ukraine , close to the border with Poland .

Hmmmm... thanx to that visitor, now I've gained some knowledge about Sambir.

Well... you never know what a blog can do for you... hehe...


Neeza Shahril said...

Ukraine kat Russia kan.. ramai students kat situ..
mungkinkah dia anak Hjh Zu?????

misz_A said...

owhh...ok... but maybe that person got here from googling something that leads to this blog...

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