Friday, January 16, 2009

Wordwise: Blood

BLOOD is the very essence of life. It is little wonder that ‘blood’ expressions relate to so many aspects of our life.

By: S.H Loke

Some of these ‘blood’ expressions can help you to describe your moods, emotions, temperaments and even ancestry in a more creative way.

1. Blood

It can be used to refer to the race or social class of someone’s parents or ancestors.
Jean can sing very well as she has Filipino blood in her veins.

2. Bad blood

If you say there is bad blood between people, it means that they have argued and dislike each other.
There is bad blood between Boon Seng and Chee Kin because of their gambling disputes.

3. Cold blood

It is used to describe something which is done deliberately and in an unemotional way.
The spy was shot in cold blood.

4. It makes one’s blood boil

If something makes your blood boil, it makes you very angry.
Students who consistently do not pass up their work will make a teacher’s blood boil.

5. Makes your blood run cold/freeze

If something makes your blood run cold, it makes you feel very frightened.
Our blood froze when we heard a tiger roaring near our camp.

6. Blood on one’s hands

If you say that someone has a person’s blood on their hands, it means they are responsible for that person’s death.

My cousin’s blood is on Bob’s hands, because he paid someone to kill him.

7. New blood/fresh blood/young blood

It refers to people who are employed in an organisation to improve it by using new ideas or doing things differently.

Penangites hope for better changes with new blood brought into the State Government.

8. Sweat blood

This is used to emphasise that someone is trying very hard to do something.
He has to sweat blood to obtain his Masters in Chemistry.

9. Flesh and blood

This is used to emphasise that someone has human feelings or weaknesses, often when contrasting them with machines.

We feel so weary after a long flight as we are flesh and blood.

10. Own flesh and blood

A member of your family.
Sometimes people find it so hard to get along with their own flesh and blood.

11. Blood and thunder

A blood and thunder performer is very loud and emotional.
The blood and thunder preacher captivated everyone’s attention.

12. Blood-curdling

A blood-curdling cry is a terrifying one.
The blood-curdling howls of his dog woke up the whole neighbourhood.

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