Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Job Opportunities

Especially for KPTM graduates..

Regal Marine Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. is offering job opportunities to all KPTM graduates.
Check out their website for further information regarding this.
I have the contact person's telephone number, it just that I don't know whether I can publish it here or not, because the letter is meant for the college. Anyway, if you are really interested with this offer, just let me know by leaving your comment here.
Ok... good nite... (it's already 1:15am!! Wednesday morning)
p/s: Most of my entries are auto published, I purposely have it publish around 8am most of the days (re: just another strategy to attract more readers... hikss..) ----> (re: in other words... hehe.. just read between the lines.. hikss)


Anonymous said...

in that "job opportunities", i happened to find out three grandma tical errors. i suppose sifu can make correct it.. correct...correct..correct

misz_A said...

what/where are those 'grandma tical errors' sir???

misz_A said...

erkk..sir? yes.. i'm positive it's a sir coz i think i know... ..huhu

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