Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy Bee

I had such a hectic and tiring day today. The first half of the day was ok, but after lunch break I had ELP1000 class at 3-4pm then 4-5pm mentor mentee session (MM) followed by HBU 112 class 5-7pm. Huarrggghh...

Too tired to explain the gory details....

Make me think... Am I gonna be this tired on Tuesday for the rest of the semester ?

Oh no...

Tomorrow I'll be going to Shah Alam for a workshop on KoK class. I'll be the only female travelling with three other gentlemen.

That part was no problemo...

But... sleeping alone in a hotel room that has a repo for a 'disturbance'

Oh NO!!!!

Anyone wanna follow me to Shah Alam????

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