Friday, March 28, 2008

3 Year-Old

I started this blog on February 1st 2005. (Whoaaah...has it really been that long?)

The PIP gang would be graduting soon. They were the group of students whom I started this blog with. Though only 3-5 survived (the 3yrs diploma prog), I would say that I am happy for them. It's not easy to survive college life with a very minimum academic requirements.
Looking at their photos just now, here only 3 or 4 of them I've seen around for their final semester. The rest ? They must have been scattered all over the country either they'd be working or studying.
I had a very colourful experience teaching them. I still remembered one of the boys was very rude to me. Though for him it was just a joke but I think that just not how you behave in a classroom. Anyway, he was a nice boy, he did email me several times after he dropped out of the college.
Well... just a little walking down the memory lane entry....
To all of them...all the best with the real world out there. You better be prepared!

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revoliuy said...

my appreciation to you ..

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