Friday, May 26, 2006

Lazy Friday

Having the time of my life here without the students around...hehe...

For the past few weeks, we (re: the lecturers) are enjoying our sweet time working here in this so called college. Spending our time at the office without the hassle and bustle of students coming in n going out of our little office. But that does not mean we just simply can sit n 'goyang kaki'. We have open registration to keep ourselves occupied. In fact, I am now in the middle of open regsitration duty, my job scope is to do all the photocopying. Since there's no certificates or exam slips to be photocopied, it's blogging time...hehe..
The open registration process is not really getting a good respond. Eventhough there are students registering for the courses offerred but the number is not encouraging.
I'll be on duty again this Sunday ( lazy sunday for me!!)

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