Wednesday, February 02, 2005

up and running

Just finished with my eng142 section 05 class. We had the class in the computer lab today coz most of the students still having problem with their weblogs. By the end of the class, it seems like most of them had successfully made their first entry. Well done you guys n gals!! So now all of you can start blogging in this virtual world. Make sure that you keep on up dating your blog, coz I'll be checking your blog from time to time. This blogging thingy is actually interesting, I even have about four blogs of my own...but this is the only one that I am letting you to read. The rest (my other blogs) are too personal too share with all of you.... hehehehee.. you know how to make an entry for this blog... the next feature that you should try to explore is uploading pictures to your weblog... here are some pictures that I took...

my cute little office
my NOT so cute..not so little students

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